Delta Windsurf will be offering Clinics for Kids this Year

Free Kids Windsurf lessons-First Class

June 22, 2019 10 am to 1pm

July 20,2019 10am to 1pm

August 17,2019 10am to 1pm

(limited spaces sign up early) 

Kids 4 Day Windsurf Camp

June 17-20, 2019

July 8-11,2019 

August 5-8,2019


In addition: Windsurfing is Awesome! It is a sport that the more times you do it, the more fun you have each time. But it is not something that is easy to figure out how to do it without a good teacher. 

Jason’s Voss is a great local teacher

contact information is as follows: website: 
phone: 321-277-3211